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  • Bermudagrass is a warm-season perennial that spreads by stolons (above ground runners). Because Bermuda...

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  • Buckhorn plantain is a narrow-leaved perennial that forms a rosette. The 3-10 inch long leaves are less...

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  • Clover is a weed we a very happy of our success in controlling. While many products used to control lawn...

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  • Crabgrass is a fast growing and ugly grass that  appears each year in July. It can easily be prevented...

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  • Dandelions are a common and plentiful weed.  Nothing is more frustrating than mowing your lawn,...

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  • Ground Ivy can be extremely hard to control, and may take multiple applications to remove from your lawn,...

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  • Is your lawn invaded by hundreds of these weeds? These weeds are not actually weeds, but tiny trees!...

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  • Mossy Stonecrop is one of our areas most difficult weeds to control. It's waxy coating makes it resistant...

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  • Oxalis is a weed similar in looks to clover, but one that suddenly appears mid summer. Easily identified...

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  • Purslane is a low growing summer annual commonly found along sidewalks and in flower beds. It often appears...

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  • Prostrate spurge is a late-germinating, low growing, mat-producing summer annual. Spurge is very often...

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  • Tall Fescue and Orchard Grass tend to grow faster than your good grass, so when it’s time to mow,...

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  • Violets can be extremely hard to control, and will take multiple applications to remove from your lawn....

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  • If your lawn has wild onion, there some good news and some bad news. The bad news is it is very hard...

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