mossy stonecrop

Mossy Stonecrop is one of our areas most difficult weeds to control. It's waxy coating makes it resistant to most herbicides. Even the specialty herbicide we use for it takes multiple applications to fully control the Stone crop. But we can eliminate it and have become the experts at doing so!

Mossy Crop usually favors dry and sunny, or poorly fertilized lawns. Once it has shown up in a lawn it tends to spread and establish very fast. Even when it has successfully been eliminated from a lawn, it will soon re-appear if the conditions of the site are not changed. If you have successfully eradicated your Mossy Stonecrop, or wish to prevent it before it takes, follow these steps...

Steps to preventing Mossy Stonecrop

1. Address any Bare areas.  The Stonecrop will quickly spread in areas of bare dirt or thin grass. Seed the bare areas and follow necessary steps to establish a healthy lawn in the bare areas. (As a side note: most instances of Stonecrop are growing in areas that once had grass, but the grass was killed by Grubs. Grub Preventer is always an important step of a successful lawn)

2. Proper mowing height.  Mowing your lawn at the proper recommended height of 3" to 3-1/2" for our area, will make a huge difference in the health of the turf.

3. Necessary nutrients. Your lawn needs the necessary nutrient to be healthy and thick enough to choke out weeds and resist diseases and insects.

If you are interested in Turf Care's program of fertilizer and weed control applications to thicken your lawn and eliminate your Mossy Stone crop and other weeds, please contact us today!




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