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In 1984 Ken and Pat Dekok had a dream to start a new lawn fertilization and weed control company. Ken and Pat wanted the company to give it's customers a great service at a fair price without the hassle of the large lawn companies. They also wanted this company to service it’s customers honestly and with integrity. So with planning and lots of prayer, Turf Care was started in the fall of 1984. Turf Care would start out as a liquid fertilization program.

The spring of 1985 was the launch of the company but not without some large hurdles. Shortly before the start Ken broke his leg and was unable to do the job on his own due to the severity of the break. Ken had to hire someone to do the work for him. Even with this the company survived and continued to grow over the next few years. In 1990 Ken and Pat decided to hire a full time associate and grow the company. They hired their son-in- law, Rich and went on the offensive to grow the company with the core beliefs they started with. As Turf Care grew so did the service area. They now serviced an area from Hart to Manistee. After several more years they decided that it was time to hire another associate. The next several years found the company expanding and giving Ken and Pat the opportunity to support their church and many local organizations.

Then in 2000 they had a new hurdle. Their son-in-law felt led to go back into education and help start a new Christian school in the area. Ken and Pat felt that it was time to start to scale the company back and look at the possibility of retiring in a few years. However God had another plan and they hired Curt with the idea if things worked out he would buy the company in a few years.

In 2003 Ken and Pat sold Turf Care to Curt and Diane VanderWall, who have continued to grow the company and have continued running it with the same values and integrety as Ken and Pat. Thanks for reading our history and if we can answer anything further please give us a call.


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