Crabgrass is a fast growing and ugly grass that  appears each year in July. It can easily be prevented with our Crabgrass preventer application, but proper timing is crucial, and once crabgrass has appeared it is much harder to control. In addition to a crabgrass preventer, the following steps can be taken to reduce the chance of any ugly crabgrass plants showing up in your lawn.

1. Mowing Height; Mowing your lawn at 3"-3-1/2" will result in a much thicker and healthier lawn.

2. A lawn that is receiving the proper regular fertilization applications will be thick and healthy, and less likely have crabgrass.

3. Proper Watering; Often were crabgrass appears is in areas that at one time dried out and went dormant. Crabgrass thrives in such areas.

4. Bare spots, such as thin areas, plow damage areas, or small spots where a disease, mole, or grubs thinned out the lawn, are very likely to get crabgrass. It is nearly impossible to keep crabgrass out of a area that is sunny and bare dirt.


Crabgrass is often confused with other unwanted grass' such as Tall Fescue and Orchard Grass. *JEN, PLEASE LINK TO TALL FESCUE AND ORCHARD GRASS LINK*



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